Now we are 6


Newick Folk playing on the green

Playing on the Village Green

The band was started in 2010 so now we are 6.

We’ve come a long way in that time. David and Jem are sadly no longer with us.

Karn, Roland and our Caller Jenny have joined Martin and Alan to form a tight line up suitable for pubs, parties and Ceilidhs.

We’ve learned our trade as we went and  our range of tunes and songs now covers all the traditions of these islands ranging from full on Irish for St Patrick’s day to a number of what we term “off piste” numbers such as Lily the Pink, My old man’s a Dustman, GI Blues and even The Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.

We always aim to tailor the repertoire to the event and we can guarantee an entertaining evening.

If you would like to hear us play before you book us we host regular sessions in local pubs.

On the evening of the first Sunday of the Month we play in the Crown in Newick.
Or you could always buy our twin CD – the Burnt House Sessions featuring the late Jem Cooper. 30 tracks for £10

Here are a couple of sample tracks to tickle your fancy




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