Try this spanking new reverbnation widget and let us know what you think.

If you click on the arrow it will play you some of our tunes. If you click some of the tabs at the top it will let you see videos and some forthcoming gigs plus photos of the band in action

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2 comments to All our content in one place

  • Adin Aludos Aka Ray Whiteway-Roberts

    Jem, I sent you a message on FB and tried to befriend you but you didn’t recognise who it was from. Can you befriend me again. I lost the old addy after being Hacked last August. You can use Adin Aludos or my email address. It was the Bull we were at not R & C. Ray Country singer.

  • Rick Townend


    Can you contact me at St Julian’s with your current email address?



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